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    Video deblocking won't work

    Andra Veraart Level 1

      Hi there,

      I wanted to see if deblocking could improve the way my video's look. After some failed attempts to incorporate it in to my existing fla, I decided to start from scratch and simply follow the manual's example.
      Here's the part I'm talking about:

      The following example plays video1.flv in the my_video video object, and lets the user change the deblocking filter behavior on video1.flv. Add a video object called my_video and a ComboBox instance called deblocking_cb to your file, and then add the following ActionScript to your FLA or AS file.

      var deblocking_cb:mx.controls.ComboBox;
      var my_video:Video; // my_video is a Video object on the Stage
      var my_nc:NetConnection = new NetConnection();
      var my_ns:NetStream = new NetStream(my_nc);
      my_ns.play(" video1.flv");

      deblocking_cb.addItem({data:0, label:'Auto'});
      deblocking_cb.addItem({data:1, label:'No'});
      deblocking_cb.addItem({data: 2, label:'Yes'});

      var cbListener:Object = new Object();
      cbListener.change = function(evt:Object) {
      my_video.deblocking = evt.target.selectedItem.data;
      deblocking_cb.addEventListener("change", cbListener);

      Use the ComboBox instance to change the deblocking filter behavior on video1.flv.

      I added a ComboBox-component and a FLVPlayback-component to the stage, and named them as described.
      The only things I changed to the AS are the parts in bold:
      I changed the filename to http://www.multimediamatters.nl/avproductie/commercials/NuKanHetNog.flv
      I changed the third addItem data to 5, because I am using an On2 video.

      When I preview the .fla I hear the audio, but the video doesn't seem to be loaded in the FLAPlayback-instance. It just keeps buffering, and when I push play it says it can't connect to the server.

      I'm probably missing something very obvious here, but could someone point me in the right direction please?
      Thanks in advance!


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          Andra Veraart Level 1
          Uhm, anyone?
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            Greg Dove Level 4
            Just saw your post. You need to use a video object, not the FLVPlayback component.

            right-click in your library and choose New Video.
            make sure its 'actionscript-controlled'
            once its in the library drag it to the stage and name it my_video.

            FYI I got your flv working no problems.
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              Andra Veraart Level 1
              That's it! Thanks!

              Unfortunately, the video's bit rate is pretty low. I believe it was around 350 kb/s. So the forced deblocking doesn't seem to add much to the quality of the video.

              My boss, of course, wants to have his cake AND eat it: he wants the display the video pretty large (550 by 413), with smooth playback, audio and video in sync, a minimum amount of compression artifacts and a minimum of preload/buffering time.
              Any ideas about what bitrates are appropriate these days, and any other "best practices" for flash video?

              Thanks again!

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                Greg Dove Level 4
                I'm no expert in video. In terms of 'best practices' I would just aim for the best quality that your users can handle in terms of bandwidth. Livedocs says that deblocking is not usually necessary for highbandwidth video. I don't know at what level their reference to 'high bandwidth' kicks in.

                The other thing is that if you have users across a range of bandwidth you might want to consider mutiple encodes to accomodate different users connection speeds. You could argue the case with your boss.