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    Can't purchase Creative Cloud Subscription in US $ - keeps forcing pounds for some reason.


      Have been through so much hassle trying to purchase the Creative Cloud complete package.


      First thinking I'd be able to get it for a discount because of the offer at the end of the free trial, and then finally realizing that I wouldn't be able to. (I wish it was a little more obvious, but hey, maybe I'm just blind.) Then trying to purchase it at full price, and having it try to force me into pounds and a UK billing address instead of $ over and over again. Then I try to look for help and everything keeps directing me away from actual help by trying to have me look at FAQ questions. When it finally suggests Chat instead of the Forum, the button doesn't work! - http://screencast.com/t/22CeXEjp9

      So here I am, over a week after originally trying to purchase this with nothing to show for it. =/


      Help please?