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    Demonstration on MSP !

      Dear roommates !
      I have started learning Microsoft Project 2003 by Adobe captivate 2, but there was an error !
      When I capturing resource seet on view menu and changing Type column, My MSP window close but captivate continue to recording !
      It is occured just when I click the value, but when I type them, that's Worked !

      Anybody knows why?

      Best wishes
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          I have the same exact issue. With version 2 and 3. Anyone have any ideas of why this is happening, and if not how do I submit a bug to adobe?

          I am running MS Project 2003 w/ SP2
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            blockcipher Level 1
            I just submitted a bug report on 8/29/2007 @ 1:30PM.
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              blockcipher Level 1
              This is what they gave me on my bug report.

              1. Open registry editor (in run dialog type regedit and hit ok)
              2. Go to Hkey_Local_Machine\Software\Adobe\Adobe Captivate\2
              3. Double click on the registry key - ExesToIgnoreClickEvent, ExesToIgnoreShowEvent and ExesToIgnoreShowFocusLocChangeEvents
              4. In the value data, append with "|WINPROJ.EXE" (no quotes)

              The problem is with the drop down selection in the MS project cell. With the above workaround, the auto text caption of Captivate will be disabled when capturing this application. If your tasks is for capturing everything else except the drop down in the cell then you can remove those values from the registry.