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    Getting Variables from an HTML Extension and using in JS

    Roy Marshall Level 1


      I am not sure if I should be posting this topic in this forum, so if anyone wants to suggest an alternative please say!

      While I am here, I am starting to make some very basic HTML Extensions using Eclipse with the Adobe Extension Builder 3.

      I can build an interface to trigger off static scripts, which works well, and within the scripts runtime the user interacts, adds data/variables etc using scriptUI.

      What I would like to do is collect the users input at Panel level within a form field in the HTML, but, I cant see a way for me to write data to "somewhere" and then request access to the inputted data while running my script.

      I dont know if the HTML can write to a text file stored on my disk, but I have always thought for security reasons this is forbidden in simple HTML. Maybe writing to the Applications label property, but I dont know how, or if this bridge can be coded.

      Are there other ways that can do this without too much complications?


      Thanks as always,