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    How to render animation to a MP4 format or something else?

    Wermount2323 Level 1

      Hello. I usually render my animation to uncompressed AVI because after it I have to render it again with different software for video motage. So there wasn't any problem. But today I have to render my animation directly from After Effects. So I can't render it to uncompressed AVI anymore. I try render to MP4 format but that doesn't exsist. Even after wathich that tutorial below, I don't have that option what we can see in this video:




      So I try to do something else. And I found different format as QUICKTIME with H.264. But after render, I can't see my animation (I can see only voice, there is no video). What is strange because movies from Adobe Premiere rendered to H.264 codec work perectly! The same codec but if I render videos from After Effects I can't see it in Windows. But from Adobe Premeire I can. Strange!

      So I render my animation to QUICKTIME -> Motion-A format. And it works, I can see a whole rendered video now. But... 5 sec is over 150MB! And this is way to heavy.


      Please, tell me what I have to do to render my animation in a good preset.