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    Custom Web Font (My Own) Won't Load in Edge...?

    soupking Level 1

      Hy everybody,


      I'm trying to load a custom font of my own into a project and it just wont budge.


      I followed this person's instructions:


      Add your own fonts l EdgeHero


      I've tried loading the font using native stylesheets and @font-face tags and all the svg, ttf, etc load just fine. However, when using Edge's + Sign dropdown and copy/paste in the name and link for the font it doesn't work.


      All the files are in the same folder and there no typos in the naming.


      When using Edge I can't find anyway to debug the problem. I feel like I should just use TextEdit?


      Can somebody please tell me how this can possibly be? I'd be thrilled if I could find out why it's not working.