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    Creating outlines in ID CC 9.2.2

    Mark Berghan

      Have been working on an Arabic document. Have to outline font for printer and export to PDF. I can create outlines, but when I export to PDF it still keeps it as a font, meaning the printer can't read it.


      Looking closer at the ID document, it looks like the ID outline process is creating an outline and overlaying the font, but still retaining the font. When I go to export to PDF, it is exporting the font content and not the outline.


      Any ideas?

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          BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          YeahŠfind another printer.

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            Willi Adelberger Most Valuable Participant

            In InDesign you shall never—NEVER, NEVER, NEVER—outline text!

            If you want to print a PDF, choose one of the specific standards for print, like X-1a, X-3 or X-4 and print that.


            Outlining fonts is only for graphic design, like filling a letter with an image or making distortions to a specific letter. But this is not intended to make a file print ready. With Outlining Fonts you will encounter a lot of problems, e.g.:

            • Loss of bullets
            • Loss of automatic numbers
            • Loss of text underlines
            • Loss of text strike throug
            • Loss of paragraph rules
            • Loss of frame strokes
            • Loss of frame fills
            • Loss of effects using anything above
            • Problems with text variables
            • Problems with automatic page numbers
            • Problems with text wrapping
            • Problems with text hyphenation


            If I would have time, I would add 20 or more items here.