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    help adding data from datagrid to dataprovider

      Hello all,

      We are really stuck with something here. We need to be able to upload
      files along with some additional data (file description, is document
      private, document catagory) to our server. The file itself will
      reside on a file store and the other data will be stored in the DB.
      We are using the multifile upload example from adobe but the
      directions for adding additional data are cryptic at best.

      We created a few itemrenderers that are now part of the upload grid.
      They allow the user to enter the additional data to go with the file.
      The problem we are having is how to get that data that is entered into
      the fields inserted into the Collection so the upload can send it to the DB?? If
      If anyone has done anything similar some guidance would be greatly
      appreciated. Thanks.