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    Hyperlinks in InDesign Okay But Not in PDF is this an Acrobat Issue?

    TH Banks



      I'm working on my first project in InDesign....interactive PDFs/ebooks.  I've entered my links in the ID file (CS6) in two different ways...the first with the "htpp://" prefix and the second with just the address and ".com". (no www.).  I've noticed that my version of PDF works when I export as print, and specify hyperlinks.  My coworker, working with the same file, will not generate some of the hyperlinks, and I'm guessing they are the ones WITHOUT the http prefix. (The link that appears instead is "resource://pdf.js/web").  My general question...have you run across this? Is this an Adobe Acrobat Pro issue (I have version 10)?  The links are correct in the ID file.


      I can generate these PDFs, so I'll be able to finish my project on time, but thought I would throw it out to the community in case anyone  has run across this.