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    Peter A. Blom

      Oh no!!!! This is sooo bad! Can't fix it. Have tried everything! 10 minutes away from finishing a day work... It's almost midnight... and the video has to be in a presentation tomorrow morning! Never had this problem before. Adobe please! What is it!


      This makes me hate doing creative work on software... If the software fails, all your creations are just gone. It's like Adobe just smeared a big pile of ....'dirt' on my canvas.

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          This is a hard lesson to learn. Make sure you turn on auto save and set up save in increments. This will protect your work. You should never lose more than 10 minutes.



          Screen Shot 2014-09-19 at 3.20.55 AM.png

          Will give you this:

          Screen Shot 2014-09-19 at 4.19.06 AM.png

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            imeilfx Adobe Community Professional

            Software can fail any time for milion different reasons that is why you should use Auto Save as Rick said but - and that was my problem last time. You have to remember that when you're using auto save - try to not use ctrl+s shortcut to often. Why? Because if you will use ctrl+s more often than you set auto save interval - you will have only one copy. AE is counting that time interval from last save so if you're saving manually (ctrl+s) auto save won't trigger.

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              Peter A. Blom Level 1

              Thnks Rick and Imeilfx, Autosave was indeed on. But because I'm used to using CRTL+S all the time the last auto save was made 6 hours before the crash. I looked there as soon as the crash happend when I realized no autosaves where made for a while. I figured it was the software failing, but I did not know about the 'skipped' autosave when a manual save is done. Was this always been the case?


              It took me till 06:00 this morning to fix the presentation. Slept 1 hour during rendering and send it out 30 minutes before the first usage.


              Indeed a hard lesson to learn.

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                Todd_Kopriva Level 8

                Even better than relying on Autosave or the regular Save (Ctrl+S) is to use the command Increment And Save (Ctrl+Alt+Shift+S), which gives you multiple versions to go back to and can happen whenever you decide.



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                  imeilfx Adobe Community Professional

                  Todd is 100% right. I've learned that a hard way(3 hours work lost, 12 hours before a deadline). It's best to change all time habits when you are working in AE and:

                  1. set autosave to 20 copies, one every 5 minutes (that's my settings now).

                  2. hit yourself in the stomach everytime you wanna use CTRL+S more often than your autosave interval is set

                  3. Start to use Ctrl+Alt+Shift+S much more often.