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    Axis Error in IIS6?

      System Information:
      ColdFusion MX 7.0.2
      Version: 7,0,2,142559
      Edition: Enterprise
      OS: Windows 2003 SP1
      Update Level: Cumulative Hot Fix 1 and/or 2
      Web Server: IIS 6.0
      Java Version 1.4.2_11 (DST Fix applied)
      JRun Version: 4.0 Build 106363

      I created new instance in the above patched multi-server for a known good site. (Site was already running on original MX 7.0.2 with no Hot Fixes or patches.) Following the same procedures we had documented I received an Axis Error displayed from our site through IIS 6. We do not use the AXIS feature in IIS. Although I could access the CF administration pages, I noticed the rest of the site was now CaSe SeNsiTivE in the URL address bar. After 8 hours of diagnosis and research I discovered the new AXIS coding in the \SERVER-INF\default-web.xml (line 90) appears to be mistyped (compared to the known good working copy). The line states:

      87 <servlet-mapping>
      89 <servlet-name>AxisServlet</servlet-name>
      90 <url-pattern> /services/*</url-pattern>
      91 </servlet-mapping>

      This does not appear to be accurate and should state:

      87 <servlet-mapping>
      89 <servlet-name>AxisServlet</servlet-name>
      90 <url-pattern> /servlet/*</url-pattern>
      91 </servlet-mapping>

      The reason this changed caused our IIS and known good site to crash was that the home of our site resides in a /services/ directory (www.oursite/services/index.cfm). Although this is extremely rare for anyone else to run into this situation, it still may be causing other AXIS error issues for others as we do not use this feature. This did not affect any of our multi-instances running under Apache. This appears to be a bug created in Cumulative Hot Fix 1, but was still not fixed in Cumulative Hot Fix 2 as I tested. If you are having Axis issues, you may want to check the \SERVER-INF\default-web.xml in your individual instance, as well as your root \JRun4\servers\admin\SERVER-INF\default-web.xml.