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    Lightroom displays files and exports files darker than the original or from Photoshop


      Hello all.


      I would first like to preface this by stating I am not technically minded, and I know nothing (or very little) of ICC profiles etc.

      Though assume someone will attempt to tell me to do something with them in a really technical way which I won't understand, please treat me like a 4 year child in this regard.


      I am using Lightroom 5.6 on a Mac running 10.9.4 I have CS6 Photoshop and have a Spyder 3pro calibration device and have linked all of the Adobe programs to the output of the calibration to "hopefully" ensure quality control.


      I recently have been scanning analogue film and importing this into Lightroom 5. I have noticed that the file imported always looks darker than the original.

      When I have exported from Lightroom them they look like crap.

      There are no import additional settings as they are all turned off. I did that when I installed LR.

      I have also noticed than whenever I imported a Raw file for some reason the original file would look great for a second then when clicked on would also change to something less appealing. But I digress.


      So in attempt to show what is happening. I have created some images to illustrate my problem.

      Also it does not matter if I turn the soft proofing on or off.


      Lightroom Softproof on



      Lightroom Softproof off



      Lightroom vs Photoshop Histogram - Very similar



      Left: File opened from Lightroom as the Original      Right: Original Photoshop File



      Left: File opened from an Export from Lightroom      Right: Original Photoshop File



      Any clues as this is very annoying and at the moment makes Lightroom 5 unusable.