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      I scripted a small thumbnailsystem and it finally works :) BUT! I want to make rows of 5 movieclips in each row but in the first row he skips a few movieclips. For example, when I have a totalCount of 22 images in the first row he makes only 3 movieclips instead of 5. In the second row he makes 5 movieclips in line perfectly and in de third and so on.

      Can anyone help me with this one? Thanks!
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          Because you are using mod 5... If you have 22 images - you get image 22, 21
          and 20 - then 20 mod 5 is 0 so you skip to the next row... Mod is not right
          for this - have a variable you increment by 1 each time you add a clip...
          when it is 5 set it back to 1 and start over.

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