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    Page numbering: how to skip counting every other page


      I am trying to create a large set of postcards with sequential text following on the back side of each postcard, which has a 'B' master. I want to add a page numbering option in the master that counts only the 'B' master pages, or the text side of the postcards. It is a very large document, so it would be nuts to do this manually on each page.


      I have tried everything in the page & section numbering that I can figure out, to no avail.


      I looked at the paragraph styles list numbering option, but that would require adding a paragraph to each page. I need to do this in the master, in part because the numbering is embedded within a centered line of text that also has section numbering, and needs to adjust centering according to the length of the number.


      I realize I could do this by creating two separate InDesign documents (one for the image-side and one for the text-side), export each as PDF, and recombine them. But due to the great number of pages and other pains in this workaround, this is highly undesirable.


      Plus, this seems like a really obvious thing, which I imagine others have needed before. Yet despite searching a ton, I still haven't been able to find a solution. Am I missing something obvious?


      Many thanks for your help!


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