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    Backing up my back up files

    mark n

      I currently back up my image file on a external hard drive. I am able to drag folders to back them up. I also want to back up on a second external hard drive. Dos this have to be done in LR too or is it a matter of cut and paste from one head drive to another. if you have to do it in LR how do I do this? If i drag folders from HD 1 to the other it is not duplicating just moving.  Please help. Hope I have explained this correctly.

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          dj_paige Level 10

          Backing up photos is something that must be done via your operating system. Lightroom does not do this.


          You must also make backups of your catalog file, to a different hard disk than the hard disk where the working catalog file is located.


          I strongly recommend an automated procedure that will regularly back up all of your important files (not just Lightroom-related files), rather than the manual method you are using. This eliminates the possibility that you are too busy or just forget. There are many programs available to do this.