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    Recoring Dos

    broke student Level 1
      Iam trying to record a command in dos but when i open it up it immediately closes. Can you please help me?
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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi broke student

          Guess what? I'm a broke instructor!

          When you say "when i open it up it immediately closes", does this mean that it happens regardless of whether Captivate is open or not? Or does it only happen when Captivate is open too? If it only happens when Captivate is open too, does it happen only when you are about to record something and have already clicked the Record button or does it happen just if Captivate is running in the background?

          Not sure the answers to any of these will help, but they came to mind... Rick
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            broke student Level 1
            Im Sorry I meant when Captivate is running. I try to open Up Dos and it immediately closes. If I press Record while Dos is open, a couple times it recorded but when i play it back i dont see the Dos window. and other times it closes the window Immediately.