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    Update creating issues between ID and PSD? (linked files)


      Earlier this week I updated to the most recent versions of both InDesign and Photoshop. I've been working with a rather large (300mb+) layered graphic in photoshop that I then pull the different layers into ID. Up until now, I've not had a problem with either of these programs. In the last three days I've had to restart my computer numerous times as ID has frozen up while re-linking to a particular layer. Not only that, but when I click on the eyeball to change layers, I get the pinwheel of death for at least a minute, sometimes long, before I can continue with the changes. And this happens EVERY TIME I go to change layers.


      I honestly don't know if this is an issue with ID or PSD. Anyone else experiencing this? This isn't the only problem I'm having since I installed the update but it's by far the most serious and time-consuming one.