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    Quadro k4000 vs GTX 760. which one for AE


      I have 2 Computers and planning to mix them up together as possible. I built a PC with quadro k4000 last year because I was graduated as 3D animator and i plan to work as Animator, plus I also have another PC with GTX 760. and now I'm currently working as Video Editor. so here are my questions:


      - k4000 and gtx 760 which one would do better in AE and Pr ?

      - I read some articles said: "quadro and gtx can group up together in one PC". is it really possible ? because some people said yes and some people said no and some people said yes but wont work together blah blah. I really want to know about it, because right now I already have these 2 GPU. and if YES. can you show me how to do it?


      there are my both PC specs:


      CPU: core i7 3820 3.66hz

      RAM: 16GB

      SSD 128gb

      HDD 3TB

      MotherBoard: Asus P9X79 PRO

      VGA: asus GTX 760


      Another one is:


      CPU core i7-3930K 3.20GHz

      RAM: 32GB

      SSD: 256gb

      HDD: 3TB x 2

      MotherBoard:  ASRock X79 Extreme6

      VGA: quadro k4000


      Can somebody help me to build these 2 PC in just 1 PC as possible ?