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    Automatic rotation null object after effects


      Good evening, I do not speak English well and so I apologize.


      I'm new and novice with after effects for which I apologize if some of the terms may be wrong.


      Basically I have a project of 300 freim (10 sec.) And I need to rotate an object null.


      The null object must rotate every 5 freim on the x-axis by 30 degrees.


      Is there a function to do it automatically?


      I did everything by hand but I do not know if this is the right way.

      Pending thank




      Io sono nuovo e alle prime armi con after effects  per cui chiedo scusa se sbaglierò qualche termine.

      In pratica ho un progetto di 300 freim (10 sec.) E ho la necessità di ruotare un oggetto null .

      L oggetto null deve ruotare sulla asse x ogni 5 freim di 30 gradi.

      Esiste una funzione che lo faccia in automatico?

      Io ho fatto tutto a mano ma non so se questo è il modo giusto.

      In attesa ringrazio


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          Dave LaRonde Level 6

          It just takes a little arithmetic.  It's very simple.  A ten-year-old child could do it.  First, let's assume you work in 29.97 frames/sec; 300 frames would be 10 seconds, which sounds logical. But this dead-simple process works at any frame rate.


          You want to rotate 30-degrees every 5 frames, so let's find out how much rotation there is over 10-seconds.

          300/5=60.  This means that over 10 seconds, you want to rotate by the amount of 30*60, or 1800-degrees.


          Begin by making a keyframe at 00:00 at zero degrees.  Go to 09:29 (which is 10-seconds or 300 frames) and make another keyframe.  Now alter the number of degrees by clicking in the space for degrees and typing, "+1800".  You're done.  AE figures out how many rotations and degrees you actually mean... in your case, it's 5 rotations.


          Since that's a somewhat fast rotation,  you may want to consider using Motion Blur.