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    Bad Parameter on Accessibility Check after tagging an unmarked link.


      Hi, I'm using Adobe 9 Pro on Windows 7.  From Word 2010 I saved the file to PDF. File includes a lot of internal links.  Some of the links did not come through. So when I "find" unmarked links and tag them, I then run the full accessibility check and immediately get "bad parameter" error.  I have made sure the added tag is placed correctly in the tag list (since it first gets added to the very end of the Tags list).   But somehow just adding a tag seems to cause a bad parameter.  I did try to manually add a new tag just to see, and that did not cause the bad parameter, but that doesn't resolve my problem of having to clean up the unmarked links (they're missing the Link-OBJR piece).

      Suggestions?  Thanks.

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          pathblaster Level 1

          You may be able to fix the problem this way:

          In the Tags panel drop down menu make sure Tag Annotations is selected.

          With the Object Select tool (in Interactive Objects tools pane), select the link item and cut it to the clipboard.

          Find the tag element you wish the link to be associated with and click on it to select it.

          Click on the document page with the Object Select tool and Edit > Paste the link item onto the page.

          Move the link to the appropriate position.

          You should now see the Link-OBJR listed in the tags panel.


          When you make your links from scratch, make sure the Tag Annotations is checked.


          Hope this helps.