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    LR3 Student & Teacher (never installed, but have boxed product) Upgrade to LR5 Regular (non-student) Edition. See Details


      I purchased LR3 Student & Teacher edition a while back; however, never installed it (have the original boxed product). Since I purchased LR3 S&Teacher, I would like to upgrade to LR5 (NON-Student/Teacher edition aka 'Regular Version' as I am NO LONGER eligible).  Can I purchase the upgrade and install it without having to go through the motions of installing LR3 Student, only to replace it 10 minutes later with LR5 Upgrade? I also ask because at the current time, I do not have credentials like I did before when I originally purchased it). I know this may be a very specific scenario, but that is why I am here. I could just purchase the full version, but since I DO OWN the previous, why spend the extra $ on the non-upgrade? What are the best steps? I have an i3 Toshiba laptop and an i5 Dell Tower, both with 6 GB RAM.