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    import previews are small and low quality


      Im using a Nikon D7100 and when i try to loupe view the images before importing they are really low quality and very small.  Lightroom is up to date. I spoke with adobe service reps and they just simply didn't know how to fix it. Eventually they told me that thats just how it is but if you look at they're tutorial videos the pictures are full resolution even before you import them.


      I think it has something to do with my DSLR because it only happens when i try to directly import from it. If I import the images using image capture and then import them to Lightroom from the hard drive it works as it should.  This occurs using RAW and JPG files.


      anyone know how to fix this?

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          Brett N Adobe Employee

          It sounds like it might be a bandwidth issue. If you waited around long enough in the import dialog, the information would transfer from the camera to the computer to build larger previews. Try importing while the camera only has a couple images on it and see if things work then.

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            ddzierbun Level 1

            I just formatted my card... took one picture and waited after i hooked it up to the mac and loaded up the import viewer on Lightroom.... after 10 minutes it was still the same...  i did notice though, that when i had my iPad hooked up it was the same thing. This is making me think that maybe there is a setting option that minimizes the file quality before import from any external device...

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              ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              The previews that you see in the Import grid before importing are the camera-embedded previews the camera puts in into each raw file, itself, OR that are rendered by some sort of intervening device-driver that is filtering what the camera shows the computer before the files are actually transferred, the same as what you’re saying at the end of your reply.


              Does it work any differently if you use a card reader or plug directly into the camera, whichever of those you’re not doing now.


              Can you see the camera or card listed under the Files section below the Device section?  Are you using LR as it pops up when you insert the card or plug-in the camera?  If so does it work differently if you initiate an Import operation from within LR, itself, after cancelling out of any auto-started Import?