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    color calibration changing when i click in and out of photoshop window

    dri22451 Level 1

      hello,   i have  a new mac pro   OS 10.8.5.    CC 2014    Eizo CG211 monitor which i calibrate with the color navigator software,   latest version,   using a i1 display pro puck.


      all is good within photoshop...  screen matches proofs...  all good


      problem is when working,  if i go out of photoshop to safari,  or to check mail,   then go back to photoshop,,,


      my monitor calibration is getting disabled somehow.  images are way yellow and bright,,  obviously the monitor icc got deactivated by something the Mavericks system does when i click out of photoshop


      i have to click on my active photoshop window two times before i see my calibrated ICC activate back again...


      very frustrating as i feel worried that i may forget.... 


      Lion os did not do this....


      is  there someway i can stop this from happening?? 


      ps i have two monitors,   does not matter where i have my mail app,   eizo or the other little one,   it seems to be when i go in and out of CC 2014  when things go wonky..


      thank you