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    How to re-download Lightroom 4? [was: Hi my fellow geeks( complement not been funny)]

    Sinan bembridge

      Hi all hope you are well. A wile ago( excuse me for any wrighting errors) i bought the Lightroom4 but in download form and used it with no isuess. Untill one day while my laptop where in the floor my room became a 2'' deep water pond so my toshiba drawned. I regreted that i didnt teach the bugger to swim but hey. Tried to do something like downloading again on my ne laptop but lightroom then had upgraded one step to version 5 and something. Some hoh( im not a patient person) i could not find version 4 and i gave up the chase. Just decided to look agai today after a long time( yes thought that you will say that) and so my friends i came across something that read product replacement. My question is, how do i save my time from trying to actualy find someone that speaks english and does not cool its intestines with an electric fan but a cold beer someone that is like in the old days we called them human so i can ask for help. I been all over the links of this maze that wouldn't be any dissagriment by any one if it change name to Pans Labirinth. ( thought that you would think that but i was newer called granddad untill 5 years ago when i was on top of any tecnology. I didnt grow older any wiser i m just a bit old now to give a feck. Any help would be greatfully received and wont be bothered by any geek insulting me. Best regards sinan