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    Camera is incorrect in the metadata

    t2go Level 1

      This is weird. I am  Running LR 4.4 on OSX 10.6.8.  I noticed a couple weeks ago that metadata for some images now have the camera used is a camera that wasn't used or taken on that trip.
      My question, is it possible for the camera, and model be changed?
      I do not edit the metadata data except to add copyright info.
      In a few cases I have two identical images, not two different shots, in LR without LR identifying one as a duplicate. For some the camera and model are different in the metadata.  These are for images taken a few years ago.
      Second question - Is it possible to change these fields in the metadata to the correct values?


      The metadata says it's been changed  in lightroom do you want to save changes to disk - but LR doesn't tell you what data was changed therefore I can not use this info to help troubleshoot.
      I do move exported catalog of images between machines. I have checked the drive for images deleted and recovered them.


      Any ideas?!



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          Brett N Adobe Employee

          EXIF data, metadata about the camera (make, model, shot settings) cannot be changed by standard means.


          Lightroom is not able to change this data at all. It simply reads what the file gives it. There are various metadata readers you can use to check what the file says outside of Lightroom to verify it Lightroom is simply misreading this info.