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    Adobe Presenter 10 published HTTP URL not working in IE 11, 10, 9, 8 works in Firefox.


      Adobe Presenter 10 published URL not working in IE 11, 10, 9, 8 but works in Firefox and Chrome. I can open the index.htm file locally on the computer and it works fine in Firefox and IE.


      I can replace the index.htm and loadflash.js with an older Adobe Presenter Published version and then it will work in IE 11, 10, 9, 8 but this seems like a poor solution. Linking directly to the viewer.swf also works in IE. The old loadflash.js file which uses the showFlash() function to load the content works.

      The Adobe Presenter 10 presenter.libs.js file which uses its own showFlash() function is not working in Internet Explorer.


      (the debugger tool is in IE11 with browser mode IE8/doc modeIE7)

      Using IE -->Tools--Developer Tools -  index.htm file returns an error on line 56 loadPrContent();

      (X) Expected Identifier, string  or number --- presenter.lib.js, line 101 character 5

      (X) Oject expected -- index.htm, line 56 character 5


      It appears the 'listener' is expecting a identifier, string or number?


      I figured out that I can remove the entire supportTouch function starting with this code and it loads in IE11, 10, 9, 8 :


      (function() {

          var supportTouch = $.support.touch,

                  scrollEvent = "touchmove scroll",

                  touchStartEvent = "vmousedown",

                  touchStopEvent = "vmouseup",

                  touchMoveEvent = "vmousemove";

          $.event.special.swipeall = {



      or remove just this code (associated with line 101) and it works:




              swipeevent: "swipeall",

          }, function(event, sourceEvent){

              $.event.special[event] = {

                  setup: function(){

                      $(this).bind(sourceEvent, $.noop);






      Adobe Presenter 10 publishing seems broken when viewing as http link. IE must ignore the 'touch' code when loading locally. I would like to have the 'touch' functionality intact and not removed. Any ideas? It looks like the error either needs to be corrected or you (Adobe) needs a script to ignore the code for IE?


      I'm not a webmaster so I've about exhausted my knowledge hear. Hope someone at Adobe can help.