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    Write text string using actionscript?

    TPK Level 1

      I'm rather new at actionscript. I know I can do this in javaScript using "document.write" but I don't seem to be having any luck with actionscript.

      I'd like to include some text strings that display within a actionscript function.

      I have a dynamic text field called "pagecount".
      The function is:
      function onEnterFrame()
      pagecount.text = _parent._parent.rdinfoSlideCount;
      I want to include text that says to the user "You are now on page _____ (results of the function)."
      With JavaScript it might look something like this:
      function onEnterFrame()
      pagecount.text = document.write("You are now on page ") + _parent._parent.rdinfoSlideCount;

      This doesn't work.

      What would be the syntax to add text to the actionscript function?

      Thank you,