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    installation software (off topic)

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      Hi all,

      a few weeks ago i saw an message about an software package
      for delivering on te web, making cd\dvd and had the capability
      of generating serial numbers.

      i forgot to write down the name of te software. It was at an fair price.

      Who of you read the message and could point me in an direction



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          Well, there are a number of software packages that can do that ... and most of the good ones do.

          If it was for Windows only, it could have been one of the Wise products ... which was bought by Altiris ... which was now bought by Symantec :)


          It also may have been one of the Installshield flavours, or possibly InstallAnywhere ... but I find InstallAnywhere is way more expensive and out of most people's budget compared to the previous 2.