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    I can't save files anymore after upgrading to iOS8. Do I have too many on my iPad?


      I'm a heavy Photoshop Touch user, with the last version of the app and iOS 8 on an iPad Air, and lately I often can't save the files I've been working on: the app suddenly quits as soon as I try to save the often multilayered image, but also lighter photographs. If I restart the app, it doesn't help.


      I have a lot of files in my PS Touch library. I don't know how many exactly, or how much the whole library weighs. I have plenty of space available on the iPad (42 GB free) however, so that's not the issue. I've been uploading files to the Creative Cloud lately, and deleting them afterwards from the PS Touch library on the iPad, but there are still hundreds of files in that library which were not uploaded to CC because I didn't yet have access, and which I therefore can't delete yet to make room.


      Attempts to automatically sync all files to CC have failed. The app unexpectedly quits.

      Uploads to CC of the files is possible in small groups —but extremely tedious, impossible in fact as there are too many files. I can't even scroll down the library very far without provoking a freeze of the app.


      Furthermore, it doesn't look like I can extract the files through iTunes. I can't see the library of documents contained in PS Touch on iTunes. I subscribe to the Creative Suite on Creative Cloud, but that's of no help, I imagine. Except that I'd perhaps be able to open all the PSDX files in Photoshop cc if I was able to retrieve them.


      Question: Assuming there is a memory problem, is there any way of extracting a large number of PS Touch files from the iPad to make room and clean the app up, so that I can work with it again?


      Any other idea so that I don't lose all this work?


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