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    Photo's not syncing between Elements 12 and Photoshop Touch ------ revel or creative cloud - very confusing


      I have photoshop elements 12 (updated to 12.1) And i use Photoshop Touch (version 1.6.1) for my Galaxy tab, (which is stock - un-rooted)

      I know when i first installed it, any photos i dragged into mobile albums showed up in my Photoshop Touch app.


      Now something seems to have changed. The app only has import images via local/creative cloud/camera/google/facebook.


      I know Elements 12 is uploading them to Revel, because i can see them online in my Revel Account.

      I've installed the Revel app to my tab, and the photos are there.


      So if the photos are in the cloud and my Revel app see's them, why are they not showing up in my Photoshop app.


      And why is there a creative cloud import option, but no revel import option.


      Can someone explain the difference between CreativeCloud and Revel....


      All i want to do is edit a few images every now and then on my Tab. but PLEASE how do i get it working again?