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    Recurring issue with mobile upload


      Hi all,

      Using Lightroom 5.6, I am experiencing ongoing issues with synchronising  (uploading) LR to mobile devices. In brief, the upload will typically fail in mid-session with some collections partially or fully uploaded and some not started. (This may initially have been caused by going off-line during an upload),  It will not recover. Deleting all uploaded data to prompt a restart does not help - it does not restart either.

      Previously I have had to contact support and send the diagnostic report. Apparently there is a flag on the server end that needs resetting. Not the most satisfactory of solutions as it requires an action outwith the users control, but it does / did reset the file transfer interface. Apparently this bug was scheduled for fixing in the next up date. I understand I am on the latest (5.6) version , so does anyone know if this is still a bug?

      Meantime, can support please reset my connection?

      Regards .... Alastair