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    Presenter 9: "Change SWF loading text" not works

    Aaron Yuan

      Hello, everyone,


      I have just bought Adobe Presenter 9 to transfer PPT to e-Learning course file.

      When I try to change SWF loading text, I modify the presentation's vconfig.xml file by adding:

         <uitext name=”ADOBE_PRESENTER” value=”Welcome to our training”/>

      And I add this sentence for each language.

      Eventually, my vconfig.xml file looks like:

         <language id="en">




           <uitext name="DOCWRAP_MSG" value="Save to My Computer"/>

           <uitext name="DOCWRAP_PROMPT" value="Click to Download"/>

           <uitext name="ADOBE_PRESENTER" value="Changed text"/>


      However, it still keeps appears "Adobe Presenter" when starting the course file.


      What's wrong with my operation? Any ideas?


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