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    KEYING (SUPERING) clouds

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      I'm trying to superimpose an image I have of clouds over another shot. The still is clouds over black (Photoshop) and I thought I could use one of the keying methods,,, but none seem to work.



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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          What version of Premiere Elements are you using and on what computer operating system is it running?


          For now I will assume that you are using Windows 7, 8, or 8.1 64 bit.


          Question - what type of file did you create in Photoshop and subsequently import into Premiere Elements? Is the black in the import the color black or black representing transparency? Key answers - png and black = transparency.


          If not, then we can try to use ChromaKey to turn the non transparent black into a transparent black.


          The answers will be in the details. So, please supply more details.


          Thank you.



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            gordoni47 Level 1

            Thanks for your reply... I use Windows 7 64-bit. I created the clouds in Photoshop (CS2) -- using the "filter/render/clouds" feature. This produces a layer with a cloud-like effect over black. I saved is as a Photoshop file and imported into Premiere Elements 10... but can't seem to get it to key or super. I'm thinking the problems is how I saved it -- I need black as transparency, right?


            The effect I'm going for is: soaring through the clouds, then we see an aerial view of the earth through the clouds... and we break through and zoom down to the earth as the clouds fade out (I have the aerial shot).


            Anyway, I can recreate the still cloud image easily and re-save it... if you can head me in the right direction.


            I worked in television for many years -- but in the analog days where all we had was chroma key.





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              I will think about the overall effect some more. but for now


              Have you seen the following Photoshop Clouds with Transparency article?



              It looks like the nature of Filter Menu/Render/Clouds is not going to yield our Photoshop Elements export as

              a png transparency. So, I need to study what was done in the above to get the clouds on transparency. That would

              make the Premiere Elements task a simple import one.


              I have to go through some prior work and dust off my memory. I am almost sure I did a video cloud effect a few

              years back - a wedding and clouds parting to highlight the bride and groom.


              More later.



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                gordoni47 Level 1

                Yes, I saw the Creative Cow article... but, as you say -- this seems to require a BG layer in order to work. As you said, I need something I can save and import into Premiere with transparency.


                Thanks for checking this out... what you describe with the wedding sounds like exactly what I'm trying to do...



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                  Every so often I go on one of my computer clean up missions. I have looked and looked and cannot find the clouds Premiere Elements work I did 2 or 3 years ago. I will try to recreate the effect and report back.



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                    I am starting to find the details of my Premiere Elements rolling clouds file and its use back in 2011. The project involved Photoshop Elements 8 to create the cloud .psd file and Premiere Elements 8.0/8.0.1 to create the animation of rolling clouds. The Photoshop Elements 8/ Filter Menu/Render/Clouds was not used to create the cloud .psd. Instead, one of the brushes under download the name Return to Eden Brushes was used in Photoshop Elements 8 to create the clouds and a transparent background. That brush seems to be hard to find now in 2014, but I did find this online link to it.

                    Re: A way to get the Return to Eden brush set?: Retouching Forum: Digital Photography Review


                    In the next 24 hours I will be putting together the details of what I created and posted on back in 2011 and publishing them updated in my blog..


                    Just some food for thought now.


                    I would put aside Filter Menu/Render/Clouds and consider Return to Eden Brushes, one in particular. You should obtain what you seek for a

                    still cloud with transparent background file that you can take into Premiere Elements for animation.



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                      gordoni47 Level 1



                      Thanks -- after your last message I did a quick test with a random Photoshop brush over transparent BG and it imported well into Premiere Elements and "keyed" perfectly.  Seems like the way to go...


                      I'll need to create my own clouds... which is no problem. Sounds like the quick-and-dirty cloud filter is handy but won't work for keying. I'll give this a try -- and look forward to your other notes when you have time to post them.


                      Thanks again



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                        While looking for the Eden brushes I found lots of cloud brushes for Photoshop... here's one I downloaded and tried (free):


                        Photoshop Cloud Brushes 2 by sdavis75 on deviantART





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                          Thanks for the finding of those additional cloud brushes for Photoshop.


                          I got detoured today by Premiere Elements 12 Blend Modes in the Opacity Panel. They are the counterparts of the Photoshop Elements Editor's Layers Palette Blending Modes. Apparently they appear in Premiere Elements 11 and 12. Back to the clouds project effect in Premiere Elements.