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    Which product does these special effects?


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      I like the way the titles drop out and fade and the video color effects added.


      I know how to add titles but I currently use Sony Vegas and I can not make the titles drop and fall like this video. I can't add video effects to change how the footage appears. I wan to do these things to make my YouTube videos stand out and look more professional. Please help me to figure out which product is best. Thanks!

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          The Color effects are easiest to achieve with stock footage overlays which can be done in any NLE that uses layers and blend modes. The titling effects are motion graphics best done in an app like After Effects. After Effects has a steep learning curve and the right way to use the program is to use AE to create shots that you edit in your NLE. If you decide to jump into AE you MUST commit a fair amount of time to learn the basics of the interface, rendering, and gain an understanding of layering. There is no one click fits all solution to the animated title effects that are in your sample video but AE does come with a bunch of animation presets for text that will get you started.


          You can also do the color effects in AE. 3rd party plug-ins and stock footage will make things easier but nothing in your videos cannot be reproduced in AE.

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            Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            If you do decide to try using AE, you really need to go through this first: Getting started with After Effects Skip it at your own peril.