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    Numbering pages "backwards" for right-to-left document?


      I import Yiddish pdf files into Indesign CS5.5 using the magnificent MultiPageImporter script, putting a checkmark in the box that says flow them in backwards. OK great, now I have my pdf files in InDesign. But I often have to remove some pages and that means renumbering, and since Yiddish is RTL, that means the highest number needs to be on the "first" page of the document and page one is on the "last" page of the document. I don't want to have to buy the ME version just to do reverse page numbers.


      I would prefer a simple script that does ONLY this and nothing else.


      I saw the following two answers but don't know how to implement them, if you think one of them would work for me please could you give me for-dummies instructions?  Also, I don't have excel. Would it work with a text file?


      "It can also be done manually by streaming a list of numbers (with a para break between them) into a frame located in the master page."

      "You can use masterpage b with a empty textframe placeholder. Then create a excel-file with only the numbers in reverse order and insert the file on a normal doc page with shift click. If the number of pages changes you need only to update your excel file."