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    G11N - Anyone familiar with Forta's Advanced CF?

    cheftimo Level 2
      Because I must translate a web site from Spanish to English to make it bi-lingual, I started looking at Ben Forta’s CF Advanced Application Development book just last week. I have found this ‘globalization’ subject very intriguing and, even though mine is just a little project, I have decided to do it along the lines of Paul Hastings’ suggestions; I think more of this kind of work will be coming in the near future – not just for me, for everybody in this business.

      I got the RB Manager and have already created a couple of files. I have downloaded all the book files and more and gone through a lot of examples, but now I am stuck: I would like to get ‘I18Nlogin.cfm’ to work with ‘javaRB.cfc’, NOT ‘rbJava.cfc’ (I am in a shared hosting situation), but I found out that just changing the CFC does not work – neither could I find a working example of the CFM at sustainablegis.com (the site of Paul Hastings, author of the globalization chapter) or anywhere else.

      I would love to find out what I’m missing here, if not from Paul, maybe from someone else out there who knows about these things and is familiar with Chapter 23 in the above mentioned book. I would really appreciate some help with this. Thank you,

      Carlos Corredor

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          tooMuchTrouble Level 3
          see this: http://www.sustainablegis.com/unicode/resourceBundle/javaRB.cfm, it contains *all* the various flavors of the rb CFCs.
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            cheftimo Level 2
            OK PaulH, thanks very much for responding. I already do have all the flavors of the CFCs. I still have the problem but let me be a little more specific:

            What I want to do is simply to see I18Nlogin.cfm work. When I execute it in my localhost, I get “Can't find bundle for base name loginRB, locale en_US”. I can understand that, since I don’t have the required Java library in my machine.

            So, I change the code on line 19 to:
            rB=createObject("component","javaRB"); // instead of rbJava

            Now, I get:
            Element MESSAGE is undefined in E., referring to line 97 in javaRB.cfc.

            Then, I remove the <CFTHROW> tags from the CFC and I get:
            The value returned from function getResourceBundle() is not of type struct. (It refers to line 21 of I18Nlogin.cfm).

            So, I don’t know what to do next. Perhaps, since this is your code, you can give me some ideas. Not only am I very excited about this globalization scene, which I think all of us are going to have to get into more, but just this morning I was contacted by a new customer who is throwing around terms like i18n, g11n, BIDI, etc., so I have to get up to speed on this so I don’t look TOO dumb.

            I would love to hear anything you have to tell me about this. Thank you.

            Carlos Corredor

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              cheftimo Level 2
              I just noticed that in the Chapter 23 files from forta.com, the bundle file 'loginRB_en_US.properties' is NOT there. That could be the problem. I just re-downloaded the zip file, it's not there for sure. Is there some place where I can get that file?

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                cheftimo Level 2
                Hello, PaulH:

                OK, duhhh! (that’s for me, not you!

                I did some studying of your CFCs, figured out the problems (the main one was with the way the paths have to be specified in javaRB.cfc – not the same as in RBjava.cfc) and I got the English-Thai login form working OK. I think I am beginning to get it.

                You should look at the code in javaRB.cfc, just above the end of </CFSCRIPT> (line 93): it looks to my newbie eyes that some “try { catch { … } }” code was left out, which is why there is a problem throwing the ‘#e.message#’, etc. Is this correct?

                Also, I have a question: ‘i18nLogin.cfm’ has changed from the one shown in Forta’s Advanced book – the present version does not suggest putting the ‘loginRB’ in the APPLICATION scope, as it does in the book. Is this because you now think this is better, or are you just simplifying the example?

                I know none of this is rocket science, but for someone just starting with i18n, g11n, etc., it might as well be – and it’s very exciting! I hope you or someone out there can find the time to comment. Thank you very much and regards,

                Carlos Corredor