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    is RoboHelp a content management system?

      I know RoboHelp can use conditional tag to manage file content. RoboSource control can do version control. Then what is the difference between RoboHelp and Content Management system? Thanks.
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          ---Dirk_Bock Level 1
          Well, the basic unit of information in RH is the topic. There are features to modify a topic and to exclude it from the final output. But you can't re-use part of a topic in another topic.

          In a real CMS, you are writing building blocks from which the output is generated. Talking about online help, you can have one building block appear in a multitude of different topics. If you change one block, the changes propagate through all topics using this building block.

          And don't get me startet abour robustness, reliability and the ability to handle large projects...

          RH has several features which emulate a CMS, but the basic concept is completely different.

          ---Dirk Bock
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            ContentManagement Level 1
            Hi Dirk,

            Thanks for your reply. Why not talk about the reliability, robustness? We are handling big projects and facing either upgrade to RH 6.0 or looking for Content Management system? Please let me know your oponion.

            BTW, do you have a preferred Content Management software? Thanks.
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              No -- but I've used it like one, to a degree.

              We use RoboHelp to author e-learning projects that contain pop-ups, which are easy to create once and re-use.

              We also use conditional build tags to output different versions, which is a 'kind of' content management method to me, but I guess that's more about single source.