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    LR makes me enter my serial number every time I open it and deletes all my presets


      I have tried adobe chat SEVERAL times it it never worked..

      I have LR student edition. I put it on both of my laptops. One of my laptops broke, busted screen and everything. I took it back to the store because I had warranty and they replaced it. I downloaded LR and put my serial number in and it worked no problem. I imported all my presets, no problem. Then, after a couple days I restarted my computer. LR made me enter in my serial number again, it worked but all my presets were gone. Now it happens every single time I restart my computer or completely close out of LR. it makes me enter my serial number (which gives me the green check) and deletes all my presets. very frustrating. I have tried adobe chat but every time they transfer me to a million different people then it goes offline before anyone actually helps me. I just really need to get this fixed.