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    You tube video in pdf not working


      I am able to embed the video in in-design and preview it, but once I export it as an interactive pdf, the video does not work.

      I have tried embedding normal videos into the pdf, but feel due to their size it makes the document way to big, but they did work.

      Can any  one help me with this problem as I have spent day on trying to find a solution.  Have tried this solution among others, it works in preview.

      Embed a YouTube video using the following steps:


      1. Choose your video from YouTube.
      2. Choose Share / Embed and find the SRC in the Embed Code (//www.youtube.com/embed/Bt9zSfinwFA)
      3. Make note of the sizes that YouTube offers for Embedding. You will want to size your container similarly.
      4. Copy that and open your InDesign document.
      5. Place a container on the page.
      6. Adjust the size of the container to match the size shown on YouTube or at least keep it in the same aspect ratio.
      7. With the container selected, choose FOLIO OVERLAYS / WEB CONTENT.
      8. Paste in the URL you copied on step 2.
      9. Make sure to add 'http:' at the beginning of the pasted code.
      10. Choose autoplay so that the video thumbnail and play icon from YouTube will show on load.
      11. Choose transparent background, for no real reason I guess.
      12. Choose allow interaction so the user can click the play icon.
      13. Choose scale content to fit. This is why using the proper aspect ratio is important.


      I have tried to use a youtube widget from PDF developer junkie. but it cut part of the video out.

      I have a MAC computer.

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          Petteri_Paananen Level 4

          Overlay tools are ment for DPS output only, PDFs don't support them. You actually can't embedd youTube streams to your PDF with InDesign...

          SWF Preview is not very reliable for ckecking interactive features for PDF output, it's ok if you export your document as SWF. There's actually no precice PDF preview in InDesign at all...


          On the other hand I wouldn't use PDF files for interactive documents at all because mobile devices have such a poor support for them.

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            mccagh99 Level 1

            THankyou for your comments. Can you tell me what you would use? i am wanting to create a document that can contain interactivity and videos.

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              Petteri_Paananen Level 4

              if you want to make interactive documents for both desktop (win/mac) and mobile users, I suggest you to check out HTML5. Bad news is that at this point you probably will need some 3rd party products for getting deasent output from InDesign, something like eDocker CREATE! or in5.


              ePUB3 seems to be very interesting option as well but it's not ready yet. It seems tough that Adobe really puts some effort to improve it so I hope we will see good ePUB3 workflow in the future too...

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                Willi Adelberger Most Valuable Participant

                Be aware that for some interactivity like movies you have to have installed Flash beside Acrobat XI or Reader XI.

                Only in version 9 and X it was possible to run these films without flash.