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    VU meter with severel bars, and change of music file!




      I have followed some tutorials how to make a vu meter, to a sound file. That seems to work for me! I have added the function to have more bars than one, with a high and low pass filter. This is how i do it.


      Sound bar is ready

      Add sound file

      Convert audio to keyframes

      Then i add the high and low pass filter, on the different audio amplitude, that seems to work. The bars are moving different. That means, that it will generate the keyframes after, is that correct ?(1)?


      Now my big problem is, i would to add different music files, but having 20 bars will take a lot of time, making new amplitude keyframes every time, is there a way for this, now it looks like it generates keyframes afterwards(possible to add sound filters after generation og audio keyframe)?(2)?


      Hope someone can confirm 1, and answer 2!