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    Serious shutdown problem with invisible cursed text-boxes (CC)


      Hi altogether,


      I have a serious problem with InDesign shutting down. I'm working on an almost finished book which has text and pictures. For this book I also use InCopy. All Textboxes are assigned.


      When I was working at the book I noticed three textboxes were missing. Since I didn't know when this happened and dind't want to redo all the corrections I made by then, I decided to copy the missing text-boxes from a backup-copy that I had. It worked, even the links with InCopy were working.

      InCopy showed me that there are now two links assigned to these boxes, so I just deleted one of the links of each of the three assignements. Looked good so far until I updated the table of contents. I had double entries for those text-boxes. I checked and on one spread I seem to have dublicated text boxes which only can be seen when I "select all". They also appear on the layers panel. There I can select them seperately.

      The problem is that InDesign shuts down when I try to move the spread or try to delete these text-boxes. When I copy the spread it gives me a perfect copy even containing the text. These copied text-boxes can be modified and deleted. Removing the affected links had no influence on the problem.


      I now deleted all visible content and every spread. My document now contains only the first single spread and the second "cursed", two-sided spread. There are no assignements anymore. When I create a table of contens on the first, single page, it shows me the three entries that shouldn't be there. When I copy the spread it still comes out "perfect", as if there is nothing wrong with the spread. I get three text-boxes even with the text I cannot see in the "cursed" spread.


      Please help me! How do I get rid of these cursed text-boxes? I use InDesign CC on a Windows 7 (64bit) System.