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    What software do I need?

    icarus013 Level 1
      I would like to reproduce the look and feel of the Flex 2 demo app. Dashboard located at


      I already have Flex builder 2 with Charting and ColdFusion 7. Is there anything else I need besides time to build it?

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          I am doing the same thing, but i am using Coldfusion MX 7.0.2... I would suggest getting the training from the source Flex 2 book if you haven't already. It isnt the best book but it certainly helps.

          Also, you should do the hello world cfc to flex tutorial at the flex and coldfusion devnet site.

          I have 2 weeks to produce a demo of that caliber for work. I am running into some interesting errors that arent well documented because the technology is so new, but I have to admit it is pretty cool when it works.
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            icarus013 Level 1
            Sorry, I am also using CFMX 7.02. Furthermore, I just bought the Flex 2 Training from the Source book from Barnes and Noble.

            I hope I have everything cause my budget is due and I don't want to no account for such an expense.

            Thanks for the reply. and the info.

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              JoeADSK Level 1
              That is everything I am using. you should be fine.