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    david_sternberg Level 1
      In the eclipse IDE when I try to compile my flex project, a web browser opens up trying to access It keeps timing out. At first I though maybe it was a company firewall issue but when I go home and try to ping this IP address I can't get to it.

      What's going on?
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          cluebcke Level 1
          When you try to compile, or when you try to run? I suspect the latter; FB has "build automatically" checked by default, so it should be compiling any time you save a modified file, and I can't imagine why the builder would try to open a browser window.

          If you're trying to run and having this problem, you probably need to fix your "run configuration". I use the FB plugin, and I believe this is simpler to get to in the standalone version, but it shouldn't be that far off:

          1. To get to the run configuration editor in Eclipse with the FB plugin, go to the Run menu and select "Run..." (not any of the other options that contain "Run".

          2. This brings up a dialog box with various configurable goodies on the left. In my case I have Flex project runners in the "Flex Application" group, but at any rate, find the one named after your project and click on it.

          3. With your config loaded, click on the "Main" tab, and check out the two lines in "URL or path to launch." These very likely contain the URLs that are giving you grief. Fix them, unchecking "Use defaults" if you have to, and you should be good to go.

          Caveat: I'm not using FDS or anything, just compiling and deploying my SWFs to my J2EE app. I can tell you where to fix the URL, but I can't tell you what it should be--that depends entirely on what kind of an app you're building, and where.