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    Smoothly resizing an image by BitmapData is not always work

      I have successfully using the following to do the smoothing of external jpg image. e.g. (from 700x525 to 350x262)
      1) Load image into a movie clip
      2) create a BitmapData object the size of the image in the movie clip
      3) use the BitmapData.draw() method to "draw" the image bits from the movie clip into the BitmapData object.
      4) Use MovieClip.attachBitmap() to attach the bitmap to a the movieclip that you will be using for your display.

      BUT, if I try to scale down a jpg image from 700X525 to even smaller 160x120.....distortion appear again...
      Is that we cannot make a perfect and smooth thumbnail from large image?

      Really hope that any expert could help thius. thanks