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    Photoshop cc 2014 and lightroom doesn't work



      I need your help.

      Installed Photoshop and Lightroom as trial today.

      Since 5 hrs I try to make them work and I am close of loosing my patience.


      I have a laptop, windows 7, 64 bit.

      Updated all the drivers.

      Installed and deinstalled the products couple times.

      Signed in and out of the cloud. And still having the same problem:


      PS starts up normal and after few seconds just closes.

      No error message. Then the message if I still want to use my trial pops up.

      Lightroom doesn't start at all. After few seconds the trial message showes up.


      What can I do?

      I need the PS for my work.


      Checked the crash reports and fixed the driver.

      Also checked the aministrativ status.


      Checked also numerous help from other users with the same issue and also YouTube.


      Still having the problem.


      Thank you for your help.