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    Installed ADE and got incorrectly with first authorization, now cannot correct this, what next?


      Hi All,

      Here's my issue, I've installed Adobe Digital Editions epub reader. I was doing that first time and there's nothing about multiple accounts that need to have matching the same email address.

      I selected "I want to authorize my computer without an ID". That was first mistake. Then I created myself new Adobe account and erased authorization in ADE. Tried to apply new authorization with my new AdobeID, still error opening the book.

      After investigating and wasting few hours I managed to change the email address associated with AdobeID to match to book vendor HPPress.

      Unregistered ADE and registered with correct email address, the book still doesn't open

      At this stage I was able to install and open the book on another PC, but the first one (PC), even after software re-install doesn't allow me to open the book.

      I've tried to find anything on Adobe website that would allow me to remove the incorrect association but no luck.


      Do you think there is a way to erase authorization of the PC and use the correct one?