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    My Kuler Story!

      The spellings drag me here!!
      But wht the heck; i just wondered wht this name means!!!
      I clearly remember that time when i first see this thing in my browser. (Still i donnno how can i use:)
      Any way now a days i frequently visits the application...may be just for fun of making more and more themes...or i like the grey interface or some thing catch my eyes & soul.

      I am working at a publications Named "IDG MEDIA-India" as creative head and we just start one big project called CIO-100 Awards. I make a desition my self for create a unique colour &n simple shape combinations..umm....me and few of our colleagues get started...makes at least a hundred combinations but not satisfied....ummm...then one of my friend make a try on kuler...ummm its getting interesting...suddenly all of us starts making kuler combinations instead of making "traditional color combinations"

      And now a days i love to come here and spend little time...with my wife :-D