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      I've used Lighroom before, but not when I try to import photos I get an error message stating I cannot open the catalog because it is not writable. I checked and it isn't "read only" and is not open anywhere else. I've tried restarting my computer and nothing seems to be working.

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          DdeGannes Adobe Community Professional

          When Lightroom has a Catalog open it creates a file with the same name with a .lock (LOCK) extension. When Lightroom is closed the .lock file is automatically deleted. However if Lightroom shuts down unexpectedly the .lock file may remain in place and Lightroom will not be able to open the Catalog.

          With LR closed go to the Lightroom sub folder which is located in your User> My Pictures  folder and if there is a file there with a .lock extension delete this file. (do not delete the actual Catalog file which has a .lrcat (LRCAT) extension). see the screen capture.


          Then try opening Lightroom again. You can do this by actually double clicking on the actual Catalog file.

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            Taraisms Level 1

            Thank you so much for your quick reply. I checked my files and there aren't any .lock files present. I had an older version of LightRoom on my computer, which I uninstalled prior to installing 5.6. Are there any remnants that could be creating issues?