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    Does camera raw update when I update Lightroom?


      I had Lightroom 4.3, and just updated to Lightroom 4.4. Does the Camera Raw version (and maybe DNG converter) update to the latest versions when I update Lightroom? Or do I need to update the Camera Raw and DNG Converter manually? How do I find out what versions of those are currently installed?


      Also, does Lightroom 4.4 support the newest Camera Raw version?


      Thanks for any help!

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          DdeGannes Adobe Community Professional

          NO! Lightroom does not have the Adobe Camera Raw Plugin, this plugin is used in Photoshop CS and PS Elements.


          Lightroom has the same raw processing engine built into the program as Adobe Camera Raw. e.g. Lr 4.3 is the equivalent of ACR 7.3 and LR 4.4 is the equivalent of ACR 7.4

          So Lightroom itself is updated independently from ACR.


          Lightroom is a complete stand alone software application and does not require the installation of any other Adobe applications on your computer for it to function. The Develop Module in LR provides the same functions as ACR.


          Adobe Camera Raw is a Plugin for Photoshop.


          The Adobe DNG Converter is also a stand alone product which sole purpose is to convert raw files from supported digital cameras to the DNG format.

          e.g (The latest DNG Converter 8.6 can convert raw files from new camera models not supported by LR 4.4 to the DNG format and enable LR 4.4 to work with those files.)


          Quote "Also, does Lightroom 4.4 support the newest Camera Raw version?"

          No the Latest version of ACR is 8.6 the equivalent is LR 5.6

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            Matt-Schwartz-79 Level 1

            Thank you, this was very helpful and made everything clear to me.

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              minzyman Level 1

              Hi I just read the above post in response to updating both Camera Raw and Lightroom. But the question still stands: how do we update old versions of Lightroom for new cameras and new raw specifications? My Lightroom 3, which I still enjoy using even today, does not understand the files from my new Nikon 850. How can I update it with raw plugins so it can process these new nikon new files without the extra use of Adobe DNG converter?


              Is there a raw plugin or update somewhere that will allow me to keep using my old Lightroom?


              Thank you.


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                JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                No. There is no raw plug-in anywhere that will update Lightroom. That technology is part of the Lightroom program. When a Lightroom version development ended, so did any updates to the raw engine for that version. The only way you will be able to have support for newer cameras in that older version of Lightroom is to use the standalone DNG converter (which is a free download from Adobe) and convert your images to the DNG format. Then you'll be able to import those DNG files into your older version of Lightroom and work with them with your Lightroom tools.


                It seems to me that if you've invested that kind of money into such a camera, it would be worth it to update Lightroom to a version that would provide tools and a process version that was more in line with what the camera is capable of producing. Lightroom 6 is a standalone version and is still available for purchase. You could upgrade to it for a reasonable amount and install the 6.14 update. You would have a much more capable version of Lightroom as far as what it would do for your Nikon D850. It wouldn't be as nice as what Lightroom Classic CC would do but it would be a giant step forward from Lightroom 3. But the choice is yours, of course.