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    Importing LR4 catalog into LR5


      My hard drive crashed with my LR 4 catalog and I had to send to send to data recovery company.  Meanwhile, I bought new computer and started using LR5.  I now have the LR 4 catalog and am trying to import it (as a catalog) into my LR5 master catalog. However, when doing so, there was an error and the import quit.  I know how some of the photos that were in the LR4 catalog but not all.  And none of the collections are appearing. It says "lightroom can not import this catalog because of an unknown error."  I need to access the edits I did in Lightroom to some of those photos.  Any advice on how to get this catalog (and its collections) to import?  When I first started to try to import the catalog it had me update the LR4 catalog and renamed it to an LR5 catalog.